Magnetic sweeping saves you time & money.

Ensure your space is safe, clean, and free of metals with magnetic sweeping. We pick up and remove even the smallest scraps of metal from your site so you can work efficiently.

with a free quote and TracMap plan for your site.

Keeping these businesses safe and clean:

Magnetic sweeping keeps your site safe & sustainable

As Operational Health & Safety and sustainability become more and more essential in the industrial space, so does a comprehensive, thorough sweeping solution.


Reduce on-site accidents, punctures and metal waste with magnetic sweeping. Using hydraulic, steady state magnet technology, our team visits your site as you need us to pick up and dispose of your scrap metal.


It’s more efficient, it saves you money, and we recycle your scrap metal to eliminate waste.

Why use magnetic sweeping?

Be proactive, not reactive

Scrap metals on-site can create an unsafe work environment. By routinely having your site cleared of all ferrous, scrap metals, you can prevent workplace injuries.

Increase sustainability

We remove all ferrous, scrap metal from your site and take it with us to recycle or upcycle by donating it to a scrap metal artist we partner with and institutions that can use it.

Prevent punctures

Working in freight and logistics, motorsports and even ports and airports, scrap metal like nails and screws can wreak havoc on your team. Prevent punctures before they become an issue.

Works on a variety of terrains

Asphalt and gravel to grass and even sand. Our Magnetech technology is equipped to travel on plenty of different terrains to meet your needs.

We work with all types of industries

with a free quote and TracMap plan for your site.

How do you get started

Step 1

Free Assessment

It all starts with a free site assessment. We’ll take your business address and generate your worksite in our TracMap software to show you our coverage. 

Step 2

Free Quote

You’ll receive a tailored quote including a scope of works. We’ll determine the area to be swept, the frequency of our sweeping and provide you with a price.

Step 3


Leave your site’s cleanliness with us. We’ll come out at our agreed time slots to clear your business of any scrap metals and deal with these for you.

From the blog

The innovative team keeping your site clean

Magnetech was born off of our family business. Building on the innovation of our Director’s father, Magnetech utilises modern technology to streamline your site’s cleanliness processes to create a safe and clean space.


We’re experienced in working with a variety of businesses, from ports and engineering sites to festivals and community spaces. So, our team is able to meet all of your business’ needs — whether it’s clearances or OH&S requirements.

Magnetech technician

Sweeping South East Queensland

Our magnetic sweeping service covers all of South East Queensland.

What our clients say

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

Get started with a free site visit and sweeping plan for your site.

with a free quote and TracMap plan for your site.