Prevent punctures. Prevent accidents. Reduce downtime.

Scrap metal littered around your depot or warehouses can pose a serious threat to machinery, equipment and vehicles on your worksite. A punctured tyre can cause incidents on-site, costly repairs and dreaded downtime.

As a business, we understand the impact downtime can have: missed deadlines and unnecessary financial losses. So, it’s paramount we do as much as we can to mitigate this. Magnetech does just that by greatly reducing the chance of on-site punctures, resulting in greater overall productivity and therefore profitability of your fleet.

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

Our magnetic sweeping technology allows us to sweep a variety of terrains and applications. From your depot areas to your warehouse spaces. 

Magnetech green vehicle

Save time and money

Our magnetic sweeping services provide you with an efficient and cost-effective way to clean your worksite of potentially hazardous scrap metals. 


It saves you time and money in how you get your workshop tidied and cleaned but it also saves you money by preventing on-site punctures and incidents — which can become costly. 

Why magnetic sweep in transport?

Prevent punctures & incidents

Tyre punctures can cause incidents on-site, delays in your service offering, and costly repairs for you. Prevent them with magnetic sweeping.

Maintain a clean depot

Maintain a professional appearance in your depot by having it routinely cleaned and maintained with magnetic sweeping.

Save time & money

You can save time on cleaning and tidying and save money through reduced cleaning labour and on-site incidents. 

Works on a variety of terrains

From the inside of your warehouses and workshops to your depots — we’ll sweep out a range of applications. 

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

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