Improve safety in high-risk faculties

In university faculties like art and sculpting, engineering, and other hands-on fields, the safety risk posed by scrap metal can become a real issue.



Magnetic sweeping collects these metal scraps to create a clean and safe environment free of these ferrous metals. It means more clean and safe spaces on your campus and fewer safety hazards for your students.

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

From large warehouses and workshops on-campus to surrounding grass fields, our magnetic sweeping technology can cover a variety of applications and terrains.

Keep your campus clean

Maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of your university campus can be tricky. These expansive spaces are routinely littered with rubbish waste and inside certain hands-on faculties, there’s more metal waste to deal with.


Engage Magnetech routinely to have these spaces thoroughly swept to improve cleanliness and safety on your campus. 

Why magnetic sweep universities?

Increase safety

Universities have strict OH&S requirements to protect their students. Magnetic sweeping increases safety on-site.

Keep your campus clean

Maintain cleanliness on your campus and in faculty workshops with magnetic sweeping.

A thorough, comprehensive sweep

Magnetic sweeping picks up all the scrap metal waste your traditional sweeping methods miss.

Works on a variety of terrains

From workshops and warehouses to sand and dirt and even grass, our magnetic sweeper works on a range of terrains.

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

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