What is Magnetic Sweeping?

We use a hydraulic steady state magnet for a more thorough sweep

We know street sweepers seem like a quality solution to keeping your worksite clean. The truth is though, that the vacuum technology on these machines is lacking and they can miss so much — especially small, scrap metal.

By utilising this steady state magnet technology, we pick up significantly more metal waste and debris, including small screws and nails which cause accidents and safety hazards on-site.

Picture of mapping route

We sweep through all your main traffic routes

By mapping out your space in our TracMap software, we can ensure we’re covering all your main traffic routes — the areas on your site that need to be kept clean and safe.


Our steady state magnet technology is attached to a hydraulic lift on the back of a utility vehicle that we drive through our agreed sweeping route. We follow the route mapped out in TracMap to ensure consistent quality in our sweeping service.

Magnetic sweeping tailored to your site's requirements

Our magnetic sweeping service is here to keep your site safe, sustainable and clean. So, where we sweep and how often we do it will depend on your worksite’s specific requirements.

We’ll sit down with you to work out exactly where needs to be swept and how frequently we should do it to keep your site safe and free of hazardous debris. 

Magnetech technician holding a hat points to the floor

Why use magnetic sweeping?

Be proactive, not reactive

Magnetic sweeping is the way to proactively ensure your site is clean and clear of any hazardous debris. Be proactive in your site’s safety by booking our magnetic sweeper.

Increase sustainability

Boost your business’ sustainability by leaving the handling of these metals with us. We’ll find a way to either properly dispose of your metal or recycle it.

It's an investment

Tyre punctures in equipment and subsequent incidents can be costly for your business. Invest in your business and team by preventing these incidents with magnetic sweeping.

It's a thorough sweep

If you’re working with metal waste, you need a stronger solution than a street sweeper. Magnetic sweeping is a thorough sweeping alternative that’ll leave your site spotless.

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