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Our Magnetech business was created with two equal priorities: increasing safety and protecting the environment. Heavy metals are increasingly being identified as leaders in in-ground and water contamination and can wreak havoc on the environment.

Prevent metal waste from entering the environment

Heavy metals can contaminate and pollute the ground and water surrounding us. Chemicals from these metals can enter the environment, causing damage and a flow-on effect that harms humans, animals, and local flora.

By magnetic sweeping your worksite, we can pick up and collect all ferrous, scrap metals to prevent these from entering your surrounding environment, whether it’s through gardens or drain pipes. 

Birds made of recycled metal waste

We upcycle & recycle your
metal waste

It’s important to us that we find a positive use for these scrap metals. In some cases, disposing of these in the correct way is the best we can do. But where we can, we find opportunities to recycle or upcycle these scrap metals.


We partner with Studio 303, a scrap metal artist based in Grafton and supply him with much of the metal waste we pick up in our day to day operations. Where we can, we donate spare scrap metals to art faculties in schools and universities and to relevant creative bodies that can make use of these materials.

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