Freight & Logistics

Prevent punctures. Prevent accidents. Eliminate downtime.

Dropped screws, nails and bolts, and scrap metal can find their way around your warehouses in the freight and logistics industries. It poses a serious risk to the team responsible for transporting containers around the warehouse. 


These metals cause hazards, particularly where tyre punctures are concerned and these hazards then cause safety concerns for your team. You can prevent punctures and accidents on-site, reduce downtime, and save money on puncture repairs by engaging us

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

From the inside of your warehouses and workshops to the exterior of your property. Our magnetic sweeper can cover a variety of terrains across your business. 

Save time and money through reduced downtime and streamlined sweeping

Magnetic sweeping is the efficient and cost-effective solution for having your warehouses and workshops cleaned properly. Engage Magnetech and get us out to sweep out your space. We’ll complete a more thorough and comprehensive clean and we’ll get it done quicker.


This saves on the need for cleaning and additional labour while saving you additional costs due to the prevention of on-site punctures, incidents, and subsequent downtime. 

Why magnetic sweep in freight and logistics?

Prevent punctures & incidents

Magnetic sweeping increases safety on-site by preventing tyre punctures and the potential for subsequent injuries. 

Maintain a clean workshop

Use Magnetech to keep a safe and clean warehouse — for the image of your company and the comfort of your team. 

Save time & money through reduced downtime

You can save time on cleaning and tidying and save money through reduced labour, on-site incidents and downtime.

Works on a variety of terrains

From the inside of your warehouses and workshops to the exterior of your property — we’ll sweep a range of terrains.

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

Get started with a free site visit and sweeping plan for your site.

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