Improve safety out on-site

Lost and fallen screws, nails and bolts from your machinery, tools, and other equipment can easily become lost on your land and create a safety hazard for your team and business. 


You can keep yourself, your team and your products safe from scrap metal-related incidents and accidents. Book our team in to periodically magnetic sweep your land to clear it of these ferrous scrap metals.

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

We’ve worked in a variety of applications across the agriculture industry to increase safety and decrease risk of pollution through magnetic sweeping.

Eliminate heavy metal pollution

Discarded and scrap heavy metals left on your land, particularly in the soil can cause hazardous pollution on your site. Heavy metal pollution in the soil can have a negative impact on the growth of your plant life as well as food safety. 


Our magnetic sweeping service will pick these scrap metals up off of your land and take these away to prevent this pollution. 

Why magnetic sweep in agriculture?

Increase safety

Increase safety for you, your team, and your livestock by having potentially hazardous metals removed. 

Maintain clean land

Maintain a safe and clean worksite, including any sheds, workshops, or warehouses. 

Eliminate soil pollution

Have all your heavy metal scraps removed from your land to prevent heavy metal pollution in your soil. 

Works on a variety of terrains

From bumpy dirt and soil areas to grass and even inside warehouses and sheds, we can magnetic sweep it all.

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

Get started with a free site visit and sweeping plan for your site.

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