Improve safety in your workshop

Discarded screws, nails and bolts as well as scrap metals that make their way to the ground throughout the duration of the day can cause serious safety concerns in your workshop and warehouses.


As forklifts and other necessary vehicles travel through your workshop, these metals can pose a serious risk to tyre punctures and on-site incidents. You can eliminate these risks by having your workshop routinely cleaned by our magnetic sweeper. 

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

We’ve worked with a variety of engineering firms and their workshops to keep these spaces clear of scrap metal and safe for their team as well as any workshop guests. 

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Keep your workshop clean

Workshops are notoriously hard to keep clean. There’s always spare screws, nails, bolts and wires falling and littering the ground, causing a mess in your workshop. 


You can schedule our team to come and visit your workshop at routine intervals so you can maintain a safe and clean space. 

Why magnetic sweep in engineering?

Increase safety

You can increase safety for your team and your clients by having us through your space at routine intervals to magnetic sweep.

Keep a clean workshop

Maintaining a clean workshop is challenging. Book our team to routinely sweep out your workshop.

A thorough, comprehensive sweep

You may already have a sweeper that comes through the workshop. Our magnetic sweeper collects all ferrous metals.

Works on a variety of terrains

Our magnetic sweeper works in a range of differently sized warehouses, workshops, and scrap yards.

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

Get started with a free site visit and sweeping plan for your site.

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