Public Access & Council Areas

Let's work together to keep our public spaces safe

Keeping our public spaces and council areas like beaches, parks, and roads clear of metal and debris is so important for the safety of our communities and the cleanliness of our cities. This extends to community spaces like festival grounds, camping grounds and markets as well. 


Schedule our team as part of your periodic cleaning to have these spaces swept clear of any hazardous materials. We’ll pick up scrap metals like bolts, nails and screws to ensure safety in these spaces.

overall equipment effectiveness

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

We have the right equipment and the experienced team to offer our magnetic sweeping across a variety of applications. From local beaches and park areas to roads, bikeways, and public paths, and through to event spaces like markets and festival grounds.

Pieces of metal scrap

Eliminate public pollution

Ensuring cleanliness and eliminating pollution in our public spaces is so important for the health and safety of our community and the longevity of our cities.



We collect these materials and either find the correct facilities to dispose of them in or recycle the materials on your behalf. Magnetic sweeping is a much more thorough way to sweep and clear these spaces of metal and pollution. It’s the proactive approach to community cleanliness.

Why magnetic sweep public areas?

Increase safety on our roads

Tyre punctures can cause traffic build-ups and delays and in more serious cases, road accidents. Take a proactive approach to safety by having these roads swept routinely.

Eliminate pollution

By leaving these materials around our communities, they can enter waterways through the ocean or our drains. We can eliminate this pollution with magnetic sweeping.

A thorough, comprehensive sweep

Magnetic sweeping collects more of our heavier pollution like the ferrous metals that street sweeping frequently misses.

Works on a variety of terrains

From our roads to expansive park areas and through to our sandy beaches, we can cover it all.

Increase public safety & sustainability

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