Make us your final call for quality assurance before handovers

Whether you’re working in residential or commercial construction, the handover process is an essential one to get right.


You need to ensure you’ve perfected every element of the build, from the actual build to the installation of fittings and fixtures, and any small detail in between. The final clean can be make or break though and getting it right the first time is essential for your budget. Bring Magnetech in at the end of your build to magnetic sweep the exterior, we’ll collect the tiniest metals like nails and screws that regular sweeping frequently misses.

Construction site full of metal scrap

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

Our team has the experience and the equipment to sweep a variety of applications. We have custom access solutions for the exterior of residential builds and can take this equipment through backyards and commercial sites.

Magnetech sweeping vehicles

Boost safety, perfect handovers

Ensure safety in new commercial and industrial builds and exceed your clients’ expectations throughout the handover process.


Our magnetic sweeping service is a more thorough alternative to traditional sweeping and vacuuming which can often miss metals. We ensure your newly constructed building is free of any hazards and is in tip top shape.

Why magnetic sweep in construction?

Increase safety for your clients

Especially in construction, Operational Health and Safety is paramount. Protect your clients by ensuring a clean and safe building for them to inspect.

Perfect your handover process

Minimise issues in your handover process by ensuring your new building is clear of any metal debris. Your handover will start on the right note with a clean space.

A thorough, comprehensive sweep

Magnetic sweeping collects lost metals like screws, nails and bolts that traditional sweeping frequently misses.

Works on a variety of terrains

From new homes and commercial buildings to outdoors and yard areas, we’ll magnetic sweep it all.

Make your site safe & sustainable

Get started with a free site visit and sweeping plan for your site.

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