Keep your track safe

Motorsports face a range of dangers, including tyre punctures and bursts. Of course, the nature of motorsports makes tyre punctures more likely, due to the high temperatures of the tracks, the high speeds your drivers are travelling at, and the under-inflation of the tyres. 


Escaped screws and fallen scrap metal can make their way onto the track and become a hazard for tyre punctures. This in turn creates an unsafe racing environment. Engage Magnetech to sweep your track to keep it clear of safety hazards. 

Magnetech Vehicle

We cover a variety of applications & terrains

From the actual race track to your back of track preparation areas — we can magnetic sweep all required terrains. We’ll cover bitumen, asphalt, grass, and even sand. 

Many bucket full of metal waste

Eliminate public pollution

Following race days, you’ll often find a range of litter over the track. Scrap metal and smaller metal items like screws, nails, and bolts, as well as other metal waste. 

With such expansive grounds, it can be tricky to get it all cleaned up and there’s so much missed by street sweepers. With magnetic sweeping, we can collect the ferrous metal waste missed by those traditional industrial sweepers.

Why magnetic sweep in motorsports?

Increase safety on-track

Tyre punctures can cause serious issues for your drivers on track and pose a real threat of accidents. Have your track magnetic swept and prevent accidents.

Eliminate pollution

Leave your raceway clean. You can eliminate pollution with magnetic sweeping — we’ll pick up the litter missed by traditional sweeping methods, including metal.

A thorough, comprehensive sweep

Magnetic sweeping collects the litter missed by traditional sweeping. It’s a more comprehensive sweep. 

Works on a variety of terrains

From your track to the preparation areas and any sandy or grassy spot in between. We can sweep it all.

Make your workplace safe & sustainable

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