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How Magnets are Revolutionising Warehouse & Industrial Cleaning Services

Warehouses and industrial applications, like freight and logistics sitesengineering sites, and construction sites will always require thorough cleaning services.

It comes back to a need for safety — in order to maintain a clean and safe environment for your staff, it’s essential the site is routinely cleaned to ensure there are no nails, screws, or other harmful debris floating through your site.

Of course, industrial cleaning services and warehouse cleaning services have long existed. There are some flaws in these traditional methods though.

Here’s how Magnetech is using magnets to make warehouse cleaning quicker, easier, and more effective.

Keeping your warehouse or industrial plant clean is essential

There’s a lot of pressure to keep your warehouse, workshop, or industrial plant clean and tidy. We know this pressure is placed on warehouse managers for a few reasons — there’s the importance of maintaining a clean working environment, the representation of the company, and of course, all of the practical reasons.

We also know that relying on your team to keep these spaces clean is almost impossible. These industries need external support to maintain tidy spaces.


Anything from a tiny screw to a chunk of scrap metal can impact your team’s safety. Traditional industrial cleaning services use sweepers that miss these tiny screws and smaller pieces of scrap metal.

It creates safety issues in your warehouse or plant. These screws and bits of metal will at best, get in the way and at worst, harm your team or machinery.


A loose screw making its way into machinery or even puncturing a tyre will guarantee downtime in your plant or warehouse. Even if you do have backup machinery, you’ll need to take someone off the floor to organise the machinery’s repair.


The biggest reason to keep your industrial plant or warehouse clean is money. Safety hazards, downtime, or even engaging a team of engineers to clean the warehouse — these all waste money that could be fed back into your business.

Let’s look at traditional warehouse cleaning services

There are plenty of quality traditional warehouse cleaning services on offer here in Brisbane and across South East Queensland.

These services employ sweepers to gently sweep the surface area before cleaning the floor with a scrubber. Typically, they’ll also utilise pressure cleaners, degreasers, and acid washing for a thorough clean. This is a really effective way to improve the cleanliness of your warehouse or plant.

However, these aren’t for your everyday warehouse cleaning needs and they typically call for some preparation from your team — like shuffling machinery and equipment and doing a pre-sweep of the floor yourself.

Here’s where traditional cleaning services for industry miss the mark

Traditional industrial cleaning services have their place in industrial applications. But when it comes to an everyday solution for improving safety in your plant and eliminating downtime? It’s not the solution these plants and warehouses need.

You need a periodic cleaner that doesn’t call for preparation from your team, that doesn’t call for a full pack down, and is cost-effective and simple to implement on a weekly basis. One that sweeps your floors and leaves them perfectly safe.

We solved this problem with magnets

The sweepers used by most industrial cleaning companies, as well as street sweepers, miss so much. In particular, small scrap metal and screws — the bits and pieces that have the potential to wreak havoc in your plant.

We know it’s a problem, so we solved it with magnets.

At Magnetech, we ditched that traditional vacuum technology for a magnet. A hydraulic, steady-state magnet to be specific.

This magnet is attached to a hydraulic lift on the back of a utility vehicle. Each of our operators follows a specified route (of your choice), sweeping and collecting metals and debris.

Here’s how magnetic sweeping works in conjunction with warehouse cleaning services

Your traditional warehouse cleaning services can work in conjunction with magnetic sweeping. How frequently you engage a traditional industrial cleaning service will depend on your warehouse or plant’s cleanliness requirements.

At Magnetech, we recommend using magnetic sweeping as your predominant cleaning method. This acts as the maintenance sweep, keeping your business safe and tidy for your team, as you need it.

Our team is booked in periodically. When you choose to engage us, we’ll sit down with you to get a full understanding of your cleaning needs and how frequently you need your floor cleaned. Then, together, we’ll create a sweeping schedule.

You can engage our team on an ad-hoc basis as well, whether prior to a scheduled clean or as you need us.

Magnetic sweeping is a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning methods

We absolutely recommend still using these traditional methods as your warehouse or plant calls for them. As a sustainable alternative though, we find a magnetic sweep beforehand can help you feel good about how your metals are disposed of. We’re committed to the environment and ensuring our practices are as sustainable as possible. So, we prevent waste from entering the environment by upcycling it. We partner with Studio 303, a scrap metal artist based in Grafton. We supply him with most of the metal waste we pick up in our day to day operations. He uses these to create his sculptures, keeping them out of landfill.
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