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Why choose magnetic sweeping over vacuum sweeping?

In numerous industries and public spaces there is always the potential of small bits of metal damaging expensive equipment, risking the safety of employees, and/or resulting in failure to maintain construction standards. 

Removing nails, filings, pins and screws from surfaces can be a tedious and strenuous job, but there are ways to do this safely, efficiently and sustainably. 

What is the best method to remove metal fragments and debris from surfaces? 

Common options include traditional vacuum cleaners, sweeping and magnetic sweepers. Of these options, magnetic sweeping provides a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient solution. 

What is magnetic sweeping, and what makes this method more efficient than traditional vacuum sweepers? We will cover all in this comparison guide on magnetic sweeping vs vacuuming sweeping.

What is magnetic sweeping?

Magnetic sweepers utilise the broad magnetic field of a block of ferrite to attract iron waste from large surface areas in a fast, efficient and practical way. 

They clear workspaces of hazardous iron pieces, which in turn reduces tyre damage to vehicles and helps to recover expensive tools, while saving on downtime and increasing productivity.

What are some of the best magnetic sweepers available?

Magnetech’s range of magnetic sweepers have been created for use in difficult industrial conditions with the purpose of being able to facilitate a wide range of environments. 

This includes construction sites, schools, factories, car parks, airports and anywhere else that harmful and dangerous ferrous metal shards can be found.

Magnetech is known for sustainability, innovation, safety and supporting local. Magnetech magnetic sweepers will help you to save time and money while keeping your workspaces clean, safe and free of metal scraps and debris.

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Traditional vacuum sweepers vs. magnetic sweepers

Traditional vacuum sweepers utilise an electric motor that rotates a fan, drawing in air as well as any fragments that might be lying about. 

Although vacuum sweepers may appear to be the preferred cleaning arrangement for your worksite, in actual fact the technology on the vacuum sweepers is outdated when it comes to sucking up metal fragments, meaning it’s likely that smaller metal particles can be missed.

Thankfully, there is a better alternative to traditional vacuum sweepers; magnetic sweepers. 

Magnetic sweepers have a number of benefits that allow for a cleaner and safer work environment. 

Not only can a magnetic sweeper get rid of all metal shards from the site in a shorter length of time, but it can also minimise the manpower needed to manually collect bits of metal.

What makes Magnetic sweepers better than traditional vacuum sweepers?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why magnetic sweepers are the obvious choice in keeping your construction site or warehouse free from dangerous debris. Here are some of the top benefits to magnetic sweepers, in comparison to vacuum sweepers.

Magnetic sweepers can prevent injury

Magnetic sweepers don’t just keep things orderly. They can also protect workers from accidental trips, cuts or puncture injuries that may occur as a result of any loose metals littering the site. 

Periodically sweeping with a magnetised sweeper throughout your construction projects will pick up any dangerous debris before any harm can be done, keeping your employees and site visitors safe. 

This also rules out the need for physical cleaners, resulting in an improved uptime and financial gain, in addition to the secured welfare of your site’s workers and visitors.

Magnetic sweepers are versatile

The design of quality magnetic sweepers, such as Magnetech’s magnetic sweepers, mean that they can be used in all weather conditions, climates and landscapes. 

This means that, regardless of the condition of the land you are building on, the machinery will easily sweep the ground and continue to work when you need it to. 

They’re more efficient than a vacuum, cleaning up your site with ease

No matter how small the particles of metal are, a magnetic sweeper will be sure to detect and collect them.

This even includes metal shavings and grinding dust, making this technology more efficient and less labour-intensive than a vacuum or broom sweep to clear all metal debris from a worksite. 

A magnetic sweeper is an especially important tool to bring into service in dimly-lit or hard-to-see spaces due to its magnetic field not needing a precise sweep. 

Magnetic sweepers reduce costs

There’s nothing more important to a business than saving on unnecessary expenses wherever possible. 

On a busy construction site or in a factory, it’s fairly easy to lose track of supplies and tools. With a swift sweep with the magnetic sweepers, all loose materials can be effortlessly recovered from the ground. 

In addition to the smaller costs saved on lost tools, magnetic sweepers can also protect the costs that come with the process of larger sized equipment being pulled from service. 

A punctured tyre costs time and money to replace. When metal debris litter the ground, this can turn into a frequent event. Magnetic sweepers lengthen the life of your vehicles’ tyres by removing the offending metal debris and preventing these punctures from occurring. This of course helps to prevent delays in development, as well as reducing the cost of tyre replacements and repairs. 

A magnetic sweeper can lift up an array of metallic objects

Whether it’s nails, iron scraps, staples, pieces of wire, screws, nuts, metal shavings or welding remnants, metals and metal fragments are quickly and easily collected from the ground with just a simple passover by the magnetic sweeper.

Magnetic sweepers maintain high product quality 

With magnetic sweepers you can be assured of a high standard outcome. This is especially the case with the technology of Magnetech’s industry-leading sweepers. 

Magnetech’s magnetic sweepers allow the debris to be collected without blasting dust and other pollutants into the air. This stops any ferrous material from potentially finding its way back into your production line (a problem that can occur with other methods). Magnetech’s magnetic sweepers produce a much cleaner result than manual sweeping.

Magnetic sweepers are the more sustainable solution

Magnetic sweeping helps you achieve your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) targets and reduces your carbon footprint by allowing you to recycle any metal collected. As the magnetic sweepers collect all of the metal objects and fragments together in one place quickly and efficiently, recycling and reutilising this material becomes a quick and easy job. This is something that is particularly important to consider to ensure that you are practising business sustainably and ethically.

Heavy metals from factories and construction sites can potentially contaminate the ground and waterways that neighbour your workplace. When this happens, the chemicals from these metals will then pollute the environment, which subsequently causes a flow-on effect that hurts local flora, fauna and humans. 

Magnetic sweeping is the more renewable choice for your business by putting an end to heavy metals from your worksite winding up in the surrounding environment. A more sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible, ethical outcome for all.

Sustainable and ethical solutions with Magnetech

With Magnetech’s high quality and professional magnetic sweeping services, you can be sure that all the ferrous materials that are collected will be properly disposed of or recycled and the surrounding environment will continue to thrive. 

At Magnetech, we always recycle our scrap metal to reduce waste. We can remove ferrous metal and scrap metal from your site and upcycle, recycle or donate it somewhere it can be used.

Magnetic sweepers are the logical choice

So, now you know the perks of employing a magnetic sweeping service. 

Magnetic sweeping services prevent injury, are more economical, reduce costs, maintain production quality and are a more sustainable solution. 

When you invest in your business and the safety of your employees with Magnetech, you’ll not only receive a high quality outcome, thorough service, and a pristine workplace, but you’ll also know you’re meeting your EMD requirements while practising sustainable business practices. 

Get in touch with Magnetech today for a free assessment and a tailored quote that includes an overview of your service and inclusions.

Magnetech’s magnetic sweeping solutions frequently help with clients in industries such as:

Magnetic sweeping services tailored to you

Our magnetic sweeping service is completely tailored to your needs. This means that where and how often your site is swept will be dependent on the specific requirements of your worksite. A consultation is needed to develop a service plan in order to keep your site safe and free of debris. This is essential in maintaining a sustainable, orderly and secure work site.

Superior technology, superior service

Magnetech maps out an approved sweeping route in our TracMap software to guarantee we are sweeping your main traffic routes, so that these thoroughfares are consistently clear of metal debris. We follow this route to maintain a high standard throughout our sweeping service delivery.

The magnet technology we utilise is fixed to a hydraulic lift on the back of a utility vehicle that we use to navigate through our set sweeping route.

If you’re after a labour-saving, time-saving and cost-effective solution to gathering any discarded ferrous materials on your worksite, then you will benefit greatly from Magnetech’s magnetic sweeping services. 

For a free site assessment and magnetic sweeping plan for your site, contact our friendly staff today. 

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